It is with great sorrow that I inform you that I am writing this from my couch in Brooklyn, and not posting via laptop hookup to cellphone somewhere on the way back from Cincinnati. Had TBF mentioned on Friday or even early Saturday that he had an itch to drive to Ohio to watch Pedro’s first start, we would have ditched the family barbeque, gotten some sleep, and started driving late yesterday afternoon. As it was, he didn’t mention it until about 8pm last night, and at that point it was too late, really, and too little baseball in exchange for too much driving in one 24 hour period – not that that would have stopped us had the stars been aligned right.

So instead of getting on the road to Ohio and Skyline Chili and hometown boys the Afghan Whigs played at the ballpark (*at the ballpark!*), we stayed home where I made homemade garlic knots, enjoyed Pedro Being Pedro, and opined what jokes I could make about a pitcher named McBeth (“something is rotten in the state of Ohio” or “oh, that this too, too solid pitch would melt”). And, to put the icing on the cake, the 2007 Mets once again showed up to play, and play well. Despite Gary and Keith and Kevin intoning how, by the time Pedro’s start was announced, airfares were $1000 to Cincinnati and so no one would be there, plenty of blue and orange and “Jose, Jose, Jose” resonated from the stands. (Unlike Red Sox Nation, we travel because we can and because we want to and because we feel like we should be there, not because we have to. Although that said — hey, gang, when we’re up by 7 runs, can we simmer down on the “Let’s Go Mets” chants?)

TBF made a comment last week (which may or may not be his thought) that as long as we don’t try to compare the 2007 Mets to the 2006 Mets, it’s a lot less nerve-wracking. The other problem, of course, is that we’re still playing What’s My Line? with the 2007 Mets. They’re not the scrappy, score-five-runs-in-the-first-inning team from 2006, or even the feisty team from the beginning of this season. Reyes has had a slump. Wright has had a slump. Delgado has been AWOL. Endy went on the DL. The faces and personalities we as fans could key off and that the team could key off were down or missing for a lot of the season. I feel like what I’m seeing now is the personality of the 2007 Mets.. but it’s SEPTEMBER, so all I’m really seeing is the 2007 Mets Who Are Trying To Stay In First Place. (As to who those fellows were that put on Mets uniforms and played at Citizens Bank Park earlier this week, I’m going with the theory that the entire team was captured by aliens or that the Phillies had them kidnapped and held for ransom at an undisclosed location somewhere in South Philadelphia. Hey, it works for me.)

Aside from Tuesday night, I didn’t get to see many games this week, and I’m okay with that. The house was so colossally cranky after the Phillies losses that it was probably a good thing that we didn’t continue to subject ourselves to continually running into a brick wall out of choice. It’s supposed to be fun. And when it’s not, it’s time to step back and maybe do something else for a little bit until it is fun again.

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