My Afghan Whigs obsession is well-known to most people of my acquaintance. I will go see or hear anything that Greg Dulli ever does sight unseen/unheard. It’s unlikely my iPod can go more than half an hour without cycling through some Dulli project.

So of course I am thrilled to have found out that not only is he a righteous guy with amazing talent and impeccable musical taste, but he is also the type of baseball fan that TBF could appreciate. (I also heard a rumor that he has a fantasy league, and would give my eyeteeth to know 1. who is on his team and 2. who else is in this league.) Since of course the Whigs are from Cincinnati, The Great American Ballpark allegedly plays Whigs music on a regular basis.

(This is how I am justifying this post as being relevant to MetsGrrl, anyway.)

Here’s the latest Dulli baseball quote:

My Favourite Way To Relax
“I watch baseball, either on TV or by going to a game. I support the Cincinnati Reds, who are terrible at the moment-they have one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen in my life! But when they’re your team, you’re with them for the good times and you’re with them for the bad times.

What’s not to love?

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