It was Blogger Day again on Friday (rescheduled twice already), but unfortunately, due to the weather, BP was cancelled – quite literally they put the tarp back on the field as we arrived in the dugout.

Without much for us to do, given that the ballpark wasn’t open yet, we were asked if there were any players we wanted to talk to. We made our requests…and got Chris Carter. You know, it says something that out of everyone he agreed to be the one to come out and talk to a couple of Mets bloggers (because he knew who we were when he got there). Given that none of us were prepared to talk to him, I think we did a pretty good job.

My sound file is crappy (because I didn’t come planning on talking to anyone – you know me, taking photos at BP is my thing) but thank goodness Kerel Cooper was better prepared. You can listen to me tag-team questions (along with Kerel and Greg Prince from Faith & Fear) over at Kerel’s site, On The Black.

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